High Paying Affiliate Programs You Can Join

An affiliate program is an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer ("the affiliate") a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way.

This can be achieved through web content, social media, or a product integration. The affiliate gets a unique link (an "affiliate link") from which clicks can be tracked -- typically using cookies.

You will often come across the terms "cookie length" or "cookie life", which simply define how long the cookie will be tracking the user's online activity.

For example, if a cookie has a 30-day life, your referral needs to make a purchase within 30-days of clicking your affiliate link in order for you to get paid -- otherwise the lead will no longer be trackable.

There are many different types of affiliate programs, ranging from online courses to website builders to marketing and business affiliates.

Below are the high paying affiliate programs you should join.

Peerfly is one of the top CPA affiliate Networks out there with high-quality affiliate offers that can make you fast money. The best part about Peerfly is that they accept publishers from any part of the world. (Publisher is a term used for ‘affiliates’ in affiliate marketing terminologies)

However, they are very sensitive about how you promote their offers. Sharing their affiliate links on social media anyhow may get your account block because they are so much against spamming.

Equally interesting about Peerfly is that they have several offers like downloads that can get you paid easily. All your referral needs to do is download for free and you’ll get paid for that.

You don’t have to worry about getting paid with Peerfly. They do a direct transfer to your local bank account and also pay via Payoneer.

Commission Junction
Commission Junction is another affiliate network you can get started within Nigeria. But CJ is quite different from PeerFly. Once you’ve created an account with CJ you’ll need to individually request for affiliate offers you want to promote on the network from other Merchant. (Merchant is the owner of the products an affiliate promotes)

Some can be choosy and some can accept you immediately. But it’s overall usually easy to get accepted. There are various offers on Cj like digital products and physical products that can make you fast income too.

I’ve promoted their offers and have had some sales with them too. And you should know they pay directly to your bank account via direct transfer!

Shopify Affiliate
Shopify is an e-commerce website builder for creating an online store. Their affiliate program pays up to N700,000 ($2000) per single sign-up you refer to create a store with them. Crazy isn’t it?

However, don’t get carried away with the big figure as you going to need a lot of work to get that. Their basic payout is $58 per customer you sent their way to create a store with them. The downside to Shopify affiliate is that they only pay out via PayPal. But accepts affiliate from any part of the world.

But if you were able to promote their biggest package of $2000 you can get paid through wire transfer. While signing up you’ll be asked some certain questions on how to promote them if you give them the right answer you’ll be approved the following day.

Amazon Associates
You’ve probably heard the name amazon before because this is practically the biggest network. They virtually have tons of products to promote around any niche. They accept Nigerians and they equally do a direct transfer.

The downside to Amazon associate is that their commission is crazily low just like the popular Jumia in Nigeria. Another thing is, you must have a website and a reasonable amount of traffic to be successful with amazon associates.

If you’re looking for affiliate networks that pay crazily then Amazon shouldn’t be your go to. Except you have a niche blog around Amazon products and equally with high traffic.

Luno Affiliate Program
Luno affiliate program is also similar to Binance exchange, in fact, they pretty much do the same thing. The difference is that binance is actually bigger than Luno. However, with Luno, you can withdraw your bitcoin into cash and send directly to your bank account.

Luno is majorly known for buying of bitcoin with credit cards. They make it easy to buy bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash easily with your credit. The downside to their affiliate program is the fact that their commission is very low. They pay just 200 Naira per referral and you’re paid via bitcoin.
You can cash out directly to your bank account from Luno.

Fiverr Affiliate Program
Fiverr is a large community for freelancers. Chances are you’ve heard about it before and the most popular ways to make money through fiverr is by offering your service. But for those that don’t have any service to offer they can also make money via the fiverr affiliate program.

Basically, fiverr connect people in need of service with those offering it. The service they render includes web development, content writing, SEO, SMM etc. For every referral you bring to get service on fiverr will earn you a commission.

Jumia Affiliate
I think everybody should be familiar with Jumia already since its home-based. Just like amazon, their commission is stupidly low. But the bright side is you don’t need a website to apply. You can sign-up now and get accepted immediately it’s easy to sign-up.

However, just because their commission is low doesn’t mean you can’t make some incomes with Jumia. In fact, I’ve listed other ways you can make money with Jumia here.

The secret to Jumia affiliate is that you need to build a whole website for that. Then work on getting massive traffics. It’s until then you can make a reasonable success with Jumia affiliate marketing. They also pay directly to your bank account.

There are many others. Commission Junction (CJ) contain many of them. So by being a member of CJ, you will be exposed to high paying affiliate programs all over the world. They can wire your earnings directly to your bank account.

How You Can Start Making Real Money Online

The truth is, the only reason you haven't made real money online is that you're using a method that doesn't work or you didn't go in with the right expectations and gave up before you saw results.

Below are the steps to follow to start making real income online.

Step 1: Choose an Interest/Niche

What are you passionate about? That hobby or passion can make you a large income online. You can build a HUGE passive income online about any interest. As long as you have knowledge to share, you're passion could be your full-time income!

The biggest mistake I see from new members is thinking about what niche they believe they can make the most money in. You can literally make money (and a lot of it) in any niche. There are over 3.9 Billion people online..... surely there's a ton of people that are interested in your niche.

The truth is when you choose a niche just because you think you can make money in it, you get burnt out, give up, and never make any money at all.

Choosing a niche that you're passionate about will ensure that you give 100% effort and don't get burnt out before you start making money!

Step 2: Build a Website

Once you've found your passion, you'll build a website, we will help you build a professional website/blog for this purpose at very little token. The truth is building a website is extremely easy these days, but you still need some professional touches to make it search engine worthy and generate the revenue you seek.
We build professional blog/site for you at a very small amount, click here for more details 

Step 3: Attract Visitors

Once you build your website. You'll learn how to attract Free visitors to your website using technique that sends you traffic from Google, other search Engines, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites.  The best part is you don't pay anything for your traffic! If we are the one to set up your blog/site, we will take care of this aspect Free.

Frankly speaking, the backbone of many visitors on your website is contents. You need to be adding contents on your website/Blog regularly for you to be able to get so many visitors.

Step 4: Earn Revenue

Once you attract visitors it's time to see money rolling in. My #1 recommendation is to monetize your website with a method called affiliate marketing. You can also use ads and several other methods to make money.

Simply put, an affiliate program is an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer ("the affiliate") a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way.
In our next post, we will be discussing highly paying affiliate programs you should join.

Making a real online income with a website is not for everyone. There's a lot to learn and a lot of hard work to get it going.

Creating and making money with a website is a very passive way of earning real money online with endless income potential, but you'll start with nothing and build up your income over time!

You will need a smartphone, internet connection, a good VPN server and a PayPal account.

credit: admin.

The Truths About Making Money Online

If you want to earn more than ₦2,000-₦10,000 online each month you're wasting your time with extra income sites. Yes they can be fun easy ways to earn but you're earning pennies for your time.

Work at Home Jobs are awesome, but it's just like having a normal job, just from home. You're still stuck at an hourly rate and have bosses you report to.

Freelancing is a great way to make money, but you earn a rate per project. To earn that rate again you have to complete another project.

If you want a large online income, it takes time and hard work to make it happen.

Success overnight is not a thing. If you see anything promising you a large income today they just want your money, and nah you're not getting that refund.

The only reasons you aren't making money online is because you haven't tried a proven method or you gave up before you were successful.

The truth is, the only reason you haven't made real money online is that you're using a method that doesn't work or you didn't go in with the right expectations and gave up before you saw results.

In our next article, we discussed about  "How To Make Real Money Online" in full details.

How To Perform A Withdrawal On ATM Without Using Card

Card-less withdrawal over the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is something everyone that owns a bank account ought to know.
The increasing security challenges sometimes force many to move around without any debit/credit card.
Also you may also unintentionally left you card but eventually, you needed some cash as your day progresses.
This article is a quick fix for all.

With the card-less policy introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), bank transaction is now getting easier by the day in Nigeria.

Some of these step-by-step procedures that would help to make your cash withdrawals across all banks easy and fast:


For card-less ATM withdrawals with Zenith bank, you have to use Quickteller enabled ATM. All Zenith bank is Quickteller enabled, and the card-less withdrawal option is displayed under Quickteller cash out option. Zenith bank mobile money users have the opportunity to withdraw from ATM without the use of card. All you need do is to get a 12-digit code and a 4-digit PIN to proceed to withdraw safely and easily at all Quickteller suppported ATMs nationwide.


The first step to follow is to dial *919*30* Amount and follow the instructions prompted.  Go to the nearest UBA branch and use the ATM. On the ATM screen, select "Paycode Cashout". Enter the amount then select OK. Your transaction will be verified and your cash dispensed.


You would have to dial *737# then input "8" to select next page. Input "1" to select cardless withdrawals. Input "1" and "2" TO SELECT EITHER "GTB" or "Other Bank". If option is "Other Bank" then, enter "Terminal" as "1" or "2" to select "ATM" or "POS". Input "Amount". Enter any 4 digit code to set your 'Cash-out PIN". Enter your pre-selected 4 digits PIN to complete the cardless withdrawal request. Once all the aforementioned steps are strictly followed, you will receive a reference code as SMS on your mobile phone then you can proceed to the nearest ATM to make your withdrawals.

Also, you can follow these highlighted steps to make cardless withdrawals on any GTB's ATM nationwide: Locate any GTB ATM close to your doorstep. Press "Enter" button on the ATM. Select the "Cardless Withdrawal(GT-Rescue)" option then, enter "Reference Code" received on your mobile phone and enter "Amount" (This should be same selected when initiating request on Internet Banking, USSD or Mobile Banking). Press "Enter" button to proceed then, collect your cash.


For cardless transactions on other bank's ATM, ensure you locate any of the preferred bank then, press "Enter" button on the ATM. Thereafter, select the "PayCode" option and enter "PayCode number" received on your mobile phone. Enter pre-selected "Cash-out PIN number" selected on Internet Banking when initiating request. Enter "Amount" (This should be same selected when initiating request on Internet Banking, USSD or Mobile Banking). Press "Enter" button to proceed then, collect your cash.

The above highlighted steps can be followed for all other banks not mentioned. What you need do is to get the bank's "PayCode PIN number" and follows the instructions prompted.